DRIFTLAB | interactive agency


With great pleasure—and relief, following countless Flash fixes and spins of Loretta Lynn’s Fist City—DRIFTLAB presents the re-launch of DRIFTLAB.com, the online hub of the award-winning interactive agency. If you’re familiar with our former site, you’ll remember it as modern, showcasing our next gen marketing and creative work, with an Old West twist (even catching the eye of FWA over the crowded new-media bar). Driftlab 3.0 retains its Southern charm, with several handsome new features:

Rolling over our enhanced portfolio offers an animated letterbox view of sites DRIFTLAB has created for Michelob, GM, Bacardi, and more, with launch information.

DRIFTLAB’s tactile wood panels were created with papervision3D, while much of the site, down to the floating mint leaves, is a combination of programmatic motion and traditional timeline animation.

With broad mobile and gaming expertise, DRIFTLAB is poised to shake up the iMarketplace. Anybody up for Gangs of London?

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